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We are a small business that is passionate about delivering great wedding films to our clients. We only work with a very limited amount of couples every year. If you are one of them, you can be sure that we will be in consistent communication with you before and after your wedding day. We want to create a film unique to the two of you so that it does not look like it came from a template. To that end, when you inquire about your date, we will touch base with you via phone to learn more about your wedding day and give you an accurate idea of what your investment will be.

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Wedding Films are what we love. We get to meet so many great couples every year, and we value the friendships we make. We’re pretty active on our social media and want to let you in on what’s new with Cinema Four40. Click LIKE, Follow Us, or Tweet us, if you’re so inclined. Sometimes you’ll find us sharing a new wedding film. Sometimes we’ll be sharing wedding tips…

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